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World of final fantasy death searcher mastery bonus

2 battles, first one is against a Mimic (another chance to Imprism one.
Level, title, enemies, reward 11, fF Mascots 1, stack x3: Chocobo, Moogle.
The Watchplains, mandragora (Hit with physical attacks black Nakk (Hit with physical attacks) * Goblin (Once per battle: Reduce its HP) * Goblin Guard (Buff with Protect) * Red Cap (Deal a lot of damage in one hit) * Red Captain (Inflict confusion).
Abilities: The battle abilities each mirage has available.Tips: -Gravity ability is a cheap way to win this play slots in casino fight (Death Searcher Mirage has it).This guide covers how to get the vast majority of the Mirages.Keep in mind that he'll counter almost alll your physical attacks with Aqua Spikes (doesn't do much damage but it's still annoying).Tama Mirages, masteries: Balance, Banishra, Last Stand, Safety Bit, Light Resistance, Magic.Where Art Thou, Smoochy-Poo?Deathskull (Inflict oblivion moogle (Restore its HP cockatrice (Hit with physical attacks).Defeated the Princess Goblin with the Warrior of Light.The Ice Bridge, here you'll fight against Shiva, which is insanely easy at this point of the game.Always be prepared with this list guide covering Mirage locations and prismunity requirements period; There are a great deal of Mirages to nab.Most of the fights these Mirages come from have specific requirements that you fulfill either by progressing the story or by completing side content.The Mirages hiding in Mirkrifts can be imprismed just like with any other.Bomb Cores x3 29, the Usual Nuisances 1 Stack x2: Malboro, Goblin, Mini Flan Turbo Ether 30 Team Brown 1 Stack x2: Sand Worm, Sandicore, Cocadrille X-Potion 31 FF Mascots 2 Stack x2: Chocobo, Moogle X-Potion 33 The Reactor Pack Stack x2: Death Machine, Bihydra.Never Cross the Boss, like most low level intervention quests this shouldn't take more than 1-2 hits, easy as that.Another fight against a Summon, this time will be Diabolos.
Just repeat this quest ten times to unlock.

Note: Almost none of the enemies here are prismable, so don't waste your energies trying it (I'll point the important ones who are)., storyline Quests, the Demon Dyad Revealed, here you have to fight against Bahamut.There are a lot of mundane ones available, but below are the more notable varieties you'll find in your fights.You'll get Odin prismarium as a reward for defeating him.Ifrit Meets His Match This boss has a total of 35820.He's weak to thunder (-150) and resistant to water (150 so focus on using thunder attacks, but not before applying a good dose of gravity.Mu (Hit with physical attacks reaver Mu (Hit with fire attacks).This one will be quite easy compared to the previous battle as he has way less total health points and all his attacks are pretty much sleep enhanced, nothing really difficult.Never Give Up the Ghost.You'll also get the following achievement: An Inseparable Pair Teamed up with Gilgamesh to stop the Bahamutian soldier.It will be a similar battle as the one with Supraltima Weapon but this time all within a single fight, he'll also use Ultima spell a lot which can be devastating, so Curaga or any other healing spell is highly advised.This is part one - hit this link to see part two with the rest of the mirages.Weight: A mirage's weight, which is directly used to solve some puzzles in the game.Those you can get from the Coliseum are listed in my WoFF Coliseum guide.Tamamohime, size : L, weight : 6, transfigurations : Tama, abilities : Regen, Raise, Blaze, Blossom Storm, Joyride, Strength, Magic, Magic Defense, Agility, Evasion (x2 Blank Space.You can nullify most of his Megaflare damage using Defense when he's about to do it, or swapping to a XL mirage.Ancestral Acrimony, it's Leviathan turn this time.
Optional Quests, help the Warrior of Light, quite easy one, just defeat all enemies.