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Warlock set bonus t17

Affliction Warlock - Unstable affliction is about 30 of affliction damage, so providing a 10 DPS boost and 15 more soul shards to cast should be about total gain.
Edit: This has been nerfed from 100 to 30 CP generation, making the 4P significantly worse than before, but still good.All the tokens can be used immediately to gain the set item associated with the token.Conquerer Ret Paladin - TV is about 40 of total damage, so a 10 boost from 2P is about a 4 increase in DPS.Assassination Rogue - Another simple coolbet bonus regler buff to core abilities, with an additional bleed effect for 4P synergy.BM Hunter - The extra CDR on bestial wrath isn't substantial enough to impact DPS significantly, and the 4P is heavily dependent on the number of dire beasts summoned (which is usually 1, maybe 2).Subtlety Rogue - The 2P bonus provides easy 100 uptime for nightblade, and the 4P bonus doubles the combo points from the core CP generator (50 with premeditation).The 4P bonus should be a similar DPS increase, but is dampened by a higher haste requirement since the bonus is gated by generator cooldowns.Edit: Talents have been nerfed, 2220311 is the best spec.With the imminent release of Nighthold and.1.5, I compiled a list of set bonus DPS gains for T19.Subtlety Rogue.8.0.9 Protector Spec 0P to 2P 2P to 4P 0P to 4P Arms Warrior.6.6.4 Fury Warrior.9.0.0 Enhancement Shaman.1.5.8 Elemental Shaman (Ascendance).4.8.4 Elemental Shaman (Icefury).7.5.4 MM Hunter.
Edit: Breath of Sindragosa is now comparable with Obliteration after the 4P nerf, but will most likely outperform with the correct hippodrome casino london poker tournaments stat distribution.

4P still provides a sizable DPS increase, but possibly a worse stat distribution.SV Hunter - This is a pretty straightforward but mediocre DPS boost.T17 Monk - Somber Gaze, t17 Paladin - Guiding Light T17 Priest - Soul Priest T17 Rogue - Poisoner T17 Shaman - Windspeaker T17 Warlock - Shadow Council T17 Warrior - Blackhand Retrieved from " ".Protector Arms Warrior - Arms 2P is incredible since it provides so many extra MS and Execute crits, making it the best 2P bonus.This should put the set gain at 10 or higher, but I have yet to verify this in simc.Arcane Mage - Arcane 2P is solid, but the 4P bonus is very awkward.Solid set bonus overall.T17 Druid - Living Wood, t17 Hunter - Rylakstalker, t17 Mage - Arcanoshatter.Given the major rotation changes here.1.5, these numbers may still change.If there are any discrepancies from your personal sims, please send me a PM with your APL and I will take a look.Frost DK - Extra Rime procs and runic power provide a solid increase to DPS.Edit: Spreadsheet has been updated to the latest simc build.It is unlikely that the 2P bonus is enough to change core fury rotation.

Happy New Year everyone!
Thank you everyone who contributed to this project.
A decent DPS boost, but nothing spectacular.