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Skyrim armor set bonuses

Thank you each one of you wonderful mod authors for your great mods and for giving permission to upload patches!
ACE - Melee In Skyrim, 1-handed and 2-handed perk trees nearly mirror each other, not many real choices involved.Adds the option of sparing an opponent's life in exchange for gold.For compatibility with Guard Dialogue Overhaul, make sure that GDO is loaded before Weapons Armor Fixes.But with ACE Magic: * Spellcasting forms are introduced!Other mods that change the vanilla weapons or armors may conflict with this mod. .D - FinalFrog I must say, ever since I started using your perk mods, I've never played without them, ever again.As of Version.0, Weapons Armor Fixes has added spike-VE keywords to relevant Dawnguard and Dragonborn items.ACE - Speech In Skyrim, money is a joke, it loses all meaning after about 3 hours of playing, and the Speech tree is so unattractive.A patch for SkyRe is available here.But with ACE Realistic Fighting: * A multitude of factors contribute to how much damage, stagger, and critical chance are dealt * Factors such as: Sleeping, Prone (Crouched/Sneaking Flat-Footed (Weapon Sheathed / Staggered Casting, Power Attacking, In-Combat (Weapon Drawn Standing Still, Sure-Footed, Walking, Running, Sprinting.
These forms are unlocked as you progress through the skill trees.

Ultra Realistic World Lighting - I wouldn't call it realistic so much as colorful, or vivid, either way it's beautiful.When upgrading or uninstalling a module, uninstall commands have been provided to prevent dirty saves.The Integrated Compatibility System requires no additional Master files, and will allow other mod authors to use the new keywords added by this mod without creating a dependency on Weapons Armor Fixes. .Community Uncapper - In combination with byog, there is little you can't adjust about your game.This resistance increases as your character levels.Weapons Armor _p (this should be at the very bottom of your load order) U ninstalling As with any Skyrim plugin, there is no guaranteed safe method for uninstalling an esp file from an existing save. .You cant run around like crazy with all that metal on you, and it makes sense.(Please see the Readme for more info) - - -.Byog (Balance Your Own Game) A large set of options that tweak various parts of game balance.Darkangel13 and Jaredschons' Adv Dwarven all Bows Standalone Craftable mod.Another example would be if you find a mod you love but the numbers it uses don't feel right, with byog you can make them feel right!The original pack is bundled with the basic download: if you like those viking lotto joker resultater tattoos, you don't need to download a separate texture pack.The pauldrons have been separated from the main body and from each other so you can mix and match.
Immersive Loot and Cells, completely removes Dwarven, Ebony, Glass, Elven, Daedric, Dragonplate Dragonscale armor,weapons arrows from most sources (still craftable).
ByblosHex's Crafting 300 - Armoury of Tamriel mod.

( If asis is installed, _PC should be added to the PerkExclusionsContains section of the asis i ) - - - Other Suggestions: Suggestions and criticisms are welcome.