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Pokerstars new rewards program

Since poker played outside of home games is not a zero sum game, the economy relies on depositors, and yet these players are typically not given any special treatment.
Not only were these players earning more FPP per 1 paid, but they also received significantly better FPP exchange rates.
With Stars Rewards, you also receive a "boost which doubles the number of reward points you earn while it is active.
In fact, it's usually the "net withdrawers" (AKA, the pros and the grinders) who get all the rewards.Later this year, we intend to roll out several improvements to the Stars Rewards experience aimed at addressing the most common point of customer feedback we receive: that the experience of opening a Chest isn't as meaningful as it could.What do you think?In other words, getting this online poker pro to play on your site provides the same volume of play as 10 Enthusiasts, and the same as 480 casual players!PokerStars Stars Rewards Summary The new Stars Rewards program has slashed the rewards for high volume, winning poker players.News, ramón Colillas: Step-by-step to Team Pro.Please on this site if you are unable to see the banner above Unfortunately, Americas Cardroom have gotten hammered by ddos attacks in the past, and they are not a regulated site (but they have been around since 2002, and when you consider that every.Each boost is based on points, not time.The strongest argument that the Stars Rewards program might be illegal is that winning players are essentially being discriminated against.By contrast, reward money given to losing players is much more likely to be put back on the table.We will present more accurate PokerStars rakeback calculations in the section comparing Stars Rewards to the old Supernova system.This constant drain on the poker economy is likely the biggest reason why traffic on almost every major online poker site has been declining over the past few years.
MTT players will earn just 45 of the listed rakeback rewards, since they now earn just 45 reward points per 1/1 paid in fees, as of That is, an MTT player who pays 0 - 200 per year in fees will earn just.3 rakeback.
Moving up to the next chest color now requires you to earn 10 chests over a 28-day period (as opposed to opening 4 chests in a single day).

Those players, who previously earned 100 reward points for 1/1 in rake paid, will now earn 45 reward points for every 1/1 in fees.Here is the breakdown: Frequency, red, blue, bronze, silver, gold.Also, chest rewards are not always cash.Additionally, net depositors will experience increasing benefits while winning players, who are not donating much to the poker ecosystem, will see their benefits decrease.The value of each Chest will be more than tripled, with the frequency of earning them reduced by a similar factor.That's a 55 reduction in rakeback rewards!What's in the Chests?The size of your boost also varies based on your player profile.With this change, there is no longer any difference between PokerStars vs Full Tilt poker.World Championship of Online Poker, Spring Championship of Online Poker and the, winter Series which wrapped up in January in Southern Europe as areas that will receive even more focus as a result of this change.Redbet are an especially good site for Europeans since their primary currency for games is the Euro.However, even if the Stars Rewards program was deemed to be illegal, it would be impossible to enforce.Even without an amazing rake race, they are a very close 2nd to Americas Cardroom for most of our poker site rankings.Think of it like norwegian poker open 2017 counting cards in Blackjack - the player isn't cheating, they are simply using the information made available to them.

Stars Rewards Chests will be more difficult to earn but will have a corresponding increase in value.
While the Stars Rewards program is bad for winning players, it's probably good for the game.
Click to Tweet Please note that our equivalent rakeback calculations are based on the weighted average of the rewards from each chest.