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Poke discord commands

poke discord commands

#bot-commands, the bot-commands channel is used for interacting with the various bots with commands not related to mini-games or their own channel.
DSL has no publicly active commands for use.Each round, VortexBot shows a silhouette of a Pokémon.This includes the users username, ID, roles, the date they joined the server, the date they created their account, and how many servers they're in (That Ava knows about).!version Displays the current version of Ava that is running.The quiz lasts for 10 rounds.The #quiz channel is where the.Below is details on each bot, their usability and functionality.Tips: The channel will be silenced when VortexBot is talking and you won't be able to type anything when this happens.It is primarily a Twitch chat bot used for moderation but also has functionality with Discord.Once you have changed whichever part of your Discord app is not following these rules, you may join the server again.Search Command Short Description!duckduckgo Searches m with the given query and returns the first six results, if the command is used in a channel with nsfw disabled, all nsfw search results will be removed from the results.!gfycat Returns a random gif for you from.Anything of importance such as events, maintenance schedules and updates will be posted in here and it is the only channel that normal users can apply "reactions" to messages.For example, you can look up a users' in-game profile in this channel by typing!user username #quiz, who's that Pokémon?The response is paginated to show 10 users per page.!ping Can be used to check if the bot is still alive.!backgrounds Rank backgrounds are used for the!rank command, when a user has a rank!rank Gets your rank, level, xp for the current server and total.You must be quick and type the name of that Pokémon as fast as you can.Pokémon Vortex's Discord has multiple channels with different purposes ranging from general conversation, trading and mini-games playable within the chatroom by interacting with bots.

ServerHound has no publicly active commands for use.Consider voting for the bot to help it grow, it's free but means a lot to the team behind Ava 3 Created by Alexis Tan, powered by DigitalOcean and Bootstrap.Music Command Short Description!clearqueue Clears the music queue of all pending songs!djlevel Change the DJ level requirement for the server, this changes what music commands people can use with or without the DJ Discord role.!movehere Moves the bot to your current voice channel.!musicchannel The music.Daily pokecord, pubg,steam key and giftcard giveaways!VortexBot will announce in the #general channel and here when the game is about to begin.For help on anything to do with the Discord website or app, please visit their help section found here.Carbon Carbon is a third party bot provided by Carbonitex it is used for indexing public Discord servers and listing them based on stats.Pokémon Vortex staff is not responsible for Discord and cannot control any issues you may have with their service and/or software.Any attempt to break these rules will result in you being kicked from the server so you can amend.DSL DSL is a third party bot provided by Discord Servers it is used for indexing public Discord servers and listing them based on stats.NightBot NightBot lotto belge du samedi 10 mars 2018 is a third party bot provided by NightDev.It can complete numerous tasks within the game and display it on Discord including creating user based custom player cards, checking Pokémon up for trade and viewing another player's in-game profile stats.Discord was set up originally to be launched with v4 but replaced IRC in v3's mid-life span and has proven the most popular chat format so far with the users and staff.ServerHound ServerHound is a third party bot provided by Silicon Valley it is used for indexing public Discord servers and listing them based on stats.Once the quiz is over, a raffle will be held.Do not discuss bots or botting relating to the game.
Utility Command Short Description!calculate Calculates the given math equations and returns the result for you.!channelid Shows the ID of the channel the command was ran in, or the channel tagged in the command.!channelinfo Shows information about the channel the command was run in, or the.

Command Detail Channel Example!help Shows command overview of VortexBot #bot-commands -!poke name Shows information about the requested Pokémon #bot-commands!poke Munchlax!id id Shows information about a users specific Pokémon #bot-commands!id 109563!top name Shows information about the highest exp requested Pokémon #bot-commands!top Munchlax!user ign Shows the account.