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Elder scrolls online skill slots

Active development has started again- Added extra skill information such as attribute costs and range for most of the skills.
Maintenance for the week of May 20: complete PC/Mac: NA and EU megaservers for patch maintenance May 20, 4:00AM EDT (8:00 UTC) 10:00AM EDT (14:00 UTC).
Once you unlock an Active Ability you can place it on your Action Bar in order to use.
Fixed a few typo's and adjusted some values according.6.2 values.Added several more options to perma linking and started working on a summarised view.16-04-15, made perm links a little shorter, these will be made even huge casino coins shorter in the near future (the old links should still work though) 14-04-15, fixed a few skill descriptions 13-04-15, critical bug fix You can now see how many passive skill points you used.Updated skills to version.5.4.23-12-15, corrected and improved several skill images and corrected a few skill tooltips.New hosting Added the last missing high res images (werewolf, fighter guild morphs, armor skill morphs and new aw skills) Tiny UI tweaks Corrected a few tooltips, added a button to switch to a darker design(I just gave most elements a dark color, I'll come.
Fixed a peculiar bug which occurred in FireFox, where the height password poker casino org freeroll of the skills on your bar was displayed incorrect when not all skills in a single row were set.

Passive Skills might not seem as important when compared to Active Abilities and this is true for the lower levels however Passive Skills become more important in the higher levels and as they provide good bonuses in certain areas.30-06-16, added Dark Brotherhood passives and updated the Thieves Guild images.Zooming in on the summarised view should no longer distort the passive images.Skill Lines, active Abilities, active Abilities are used in combat to perform actions which deal damage, support allies or protect yourself from incoming damage.Skills are organized into Skill Lines which have a combination.01-09-15, added the new weapon morphed skills images in low quality, high quality ones will be added later.Added right click options to add skills to the skill bar.Perma linking is now available (in its simplest form, will be polishing this later on) Updated UI Home page (On-going effort, not finished) Updated some values.6.You might want to clear your cache and refresh the webpage if you want to see the proper changes.20-10-16, updated skills to version.6.4.03-06-16, updated 95 of the skills to the Dark Brotherhood patch.Passive Skills, passive Skills are unlocked in the same way as Active Abilities.Once unlocked they with provide a constantly active (passive) bonus to your character.
Your Action Bar has 6 Slots 5 slots for normal abilities and 1 slot for an Ultimate ability.

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