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Charlotte roulette one piece

Big Brother Is Watching : Thanks to the Incarnations, fragments of her soul that have taken shape, and the Homies answering to her, she practically has eyes everywhere on the island making it virtually impossible to sneak into her kingdom undetected.
A sixty-eight-year old woman who is abnormally huge and has an incredible capacity for destruction, Charlotte Linlin has been in the business of piracy since she was a tyke, and became widely feared by all for her utter lack of restraint, never learning how.
Meaning it's more or less useless against true bearers of the Will of D (such as Luffy) and others who aren't afraid to die.When she came to, she turns out to have devoured most of the table the cake was on and, furthermore, there was nothing around her but small fragments of the table and scraps of clothes.Also present during her bouts of her 'Eating Disorder as she seems to genuinely have no control of herself nor memory of what she did during her 'hunger rage'.Judge's children got their powers from science and have varying of psychological alterations; Reiju can't completely disobey her father, while Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji have extreme Emotion Suppression since utero.Nice Hat : Her bicorne hat, Napoleon, which has been given life through her powers.Her having so much children is presumably an attempt to make up for the loss.She's this to the Giants of Elbaf due to destroying their village and massacring a large number of them as a child during one of her hunger-induced rampages, including one of the eldest warriors when he tried to stop her, which was considered a very.Big Mom sees leaving her employ as losing a part of her army, and demands an "equal exchange".Acrofatic : She may be hefty, but don't be fooled into thinking she's in any way immobile or incapable of moving around.With nothing but bad role models and Streusen helping to spur her into piracy, Big Mom became a monster who just takes what she wants and enjoys making people suffer when they don't obey her every whim.They give two months of their lifespan, or leave.This act impresses her and she decides to take 50 years of his.Ironically, and tragically, this somehow doesn't apply to her daughter Pudding, as she told her in no uncertain terms, that Pudding's Third Eye made her look hideous.Big Mom doesn't pay it much attention.To wit: Luffy: He went out of his way to challenge her, and then straight up told her that she wouldn't become the Pirate King.
Knight Templar : Her motivation for everything she's done was to follow Carmel's "dream" of creating a "perfect nation" with no discrimination and racism (which, for the record, wasn't actually Mother Carmel's dream).

Fatal Flaw : Gluttony, big time.She's basically a severely regressed adult whose massive abandonment issues influenced her to obsessively and repeatedly try recreate her happiest childhood memory.HeelFace Brainwashing : A non-magical version of"brainwashing".After Big Mom suffered brain damage, Chopper and Tsuru treated her with kindness and share whatever little food they had with her.Then there's Lola and Chiffon who look more like a mix between her and their father Pound.The Evils of Free Will : Played with.She only ever gives the illusion of choice; pick the wrong thing, and you die.Laser-Guided Amnesia : She's found by Chopper, Kiko, O-Tama, eagle river casino whitecourt jobs and Momonosuke, having been washed ashore on Kuri Beach after being knocked off a waterfall by Kaido's dragon, King.It also appears to gain force behind it when combined with her Conqueror's Haki, as it visibly knocks Luffy and Katakuri back.In the past, when she was 5 years old she went on a rampage in Elbaf and destroyed a village for semla (a Scandinavian treat).This as well turned out to be a lie, as she plans to kill Sanji at his wedding and the Straw Hats afterwards.While he got stomped pretty handily when he went against her to steal the Poneglyph scrawlings, she wanted to add him to her collection, and somewhat respectfully noted that nobody had ever, ever done damage to Zeus and Prometheus before he came around.Control Freak : A trait she shares with Judge Vinsmoke.The actual wedding ceremonies of her kids are designed to cater entirely to her as well.