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Blackjack card counting strategy table

Only increasing bets after a win, only decreasing after a loss, and staying the same after a push, makes play look more natural, but at a cost to profitability.
Its the same concept with the running count in blackjack.The advantage is in the house.Instead of 3 values, youll be computing with 6 values.Power OF unbalanced VS balanced systems There have been countless studies on the power of the simpler unbalanced vs the balanced card counting systems for different number of decks and rules.Notice that there are an equal number of 1 cards and 1 cards in Hi-Lo.Usually, casinos dont bar nickel players; they focus more on the green, black, and purple chip players since they are much more of a threat to their bottom line.(They know that card counters will stand on 16 when they have a big bet on the felt and hit when they bet small.) They watch how much the player has bet on the hand when he takes insurance.Theres no federal law prohibiting the practice of card counting given that youll only use your brain and not some shady counting device.
Suppose the running count is positive after the first round of play.

Lets pause for a second to reflect on what this means.Thats because in the next sub-chapter Ill be explaining unbalanced card counting systems (that dont require a conversion from running count to true count and also several other simpler counting systems that, although not as powerful as Hi-Lo, are much easier to learn and use.And when the day comes (and trust me, it will, sooner or later) and a pit boss says you cant play blackjack anymore, dont question him or her as to why you are getting barred, dont get upset and scream or shout, and above all.For example, if we bet 10 and get an untied blackjack, we get paid 15 (3-2 789 casino riverton wyoming payoff).Just go to a different casino or go back to the same place in a different shift.There are some variations to the No Mid-Shoe Entry that Ive encountered in some casinos.Heres a simple drill that will help.Removal of some cards (e.g., a 5) has a much greater effect on a players expectation than the removal of other cards (e.g., an 8).Dont clutter your brain with useless information; instead, focus only on the important information, which is the tags (not the rank) of each card, and summing the tags to arrive at an accurate running count.They arent memorizing every card a myth but only mentally adding the 1 and 1 tags assigned to each card that reflect its effect on a players expectation when they are removed.) Card counters then use their count to vary their bets on the next.
(Note: Some of them involve an encroachment of blackjack etiquette and/or casino playing rules; you will be chastised by the dealer when you implement some of these ploys but thats actually good because it only accentuates even more the persona you are trying to create.).
Drill #2 I will share with you another very good drill that blackjack pro Kevin Blackwood described in his book, Play Blackjack Like the Pros.