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Bingo fuel high rank officer

bingo fuel high rank officer

It is suggested that this term comes from the figure of Mercury on their cap badges, who appears to have fish-like scales on his back.
Responsible for ensuring that his leaders six oclock remains clear.
No Duff (U.K., Canada, Singapore, Australia) Not a training scenario: "I say again, we have No Duff Casualty, over." Nonner (U.S.
Jacked up (U.S.) Screwed up, ruined, in trouble.The only other option was to hope we had enough fuel to get high enough to bail out.Take the list for what.Uncle Sam's Misguided Children (U.S.) Ironic term for the United States Marine Corps.Artillery will often fire over the heads of friendly troops, who will certainly not appreciate a round that drops short.When the Air Force became independent, black shoes replaced the brown shoes worn by casino fortuna rožna dolina the Army at that time.Junk!" Mo Trap (Canada) A person who joins the reserves because they are too young to join the regular force but after 10 years they're still in the reserves.When asked by a superior what it means, the junior will often reply, "I Have Truly Found Paradise." I Must Puke (Canada) Refers to the disgusting flavors of the various Canadian Forces IMPs (Individual Meal Packs).Navy) Advanced or new technology/equipment, akin to New Fangled suck, the (U.S.) The field, bad conditions, rotten duty, used to describe the military as a whole.Profile a flat piece of scenery or stage property that has been bingo board generator with pictures cut so as to form an outline or silhouette of an object."Without gun" is Usually a derogatory term used by combat arms Soldiers.Navy) or "getting cycled" In boot camp, the act of being "beat" by your company commanders via strenuous.
Used in reference to PFCs who take on more authority than they have.
(Canada) Refers to the fact that untrained privates and officer cadets can't be demoted any further for doing something stupid.

Navy) Short for "black shoe a surface warfare officer.Visibility appeared to be less than a half-mile.Also called end of day.GAF (U.S.) Gay as fuck.Also "Triple-A" or "flak heavy version of the AA gun, often mounted on a Battlestar or Baseship.Scaly, or scaly back (U.K.) A signaler.
NJP (U.S.) Refers to Non-Judicial Punishment under Article 15 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice.
If you got notification on your RWR that an aircraft had locked you, you would want to know if it was from red air or just your wingman.

Army and Marine Corps) Slang term for the M-79 or M-203 Grenade Launcher.
Navy, Submarines) Term referring to any and all surface vessel.
If you want to use this terminology and someone around doesn't know what it means, explain in meta.