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Molten armor set bonus

molten armor set bonus

Weight: 40, required level: 22, dexterity: 5 Stamina: 70 Armor against slashing: 23 Armor against crushing: 22 Armor against piercing: 20 popular novomatic slots Energy resistance: 15 Reff's Scalp Type: Helmet Degree: VI Value: 200000 gold and 30 platinum Weight: 16 Required level: 22 Strenghth: 4 Dexterity:.
On Attack means every time you swing.These items heve special bond, that makes them work better, when there are tougether and their owner gets more bonuses, which keep getting stronger, when more items are equipped.This betspin bonus slow attack although appears to be a blue Cold Damage attack is not actually a cold attack.The Elder Scrolls Online developed by ZeniMax Online Studios LLC, a ZeniMax Media company.Armor against slashing: 22, armor against crushing: 22, armor against piercing:.

The level of the crafted set items that you create will determine the values of the set bonuses.It is better to wear an item set compared to simply wearing normal equipment the bonuses are great!To craft a set you will need to go out into the wilds of Tamriel and find the appropriate set crafting station that matches the item set that you wish to create.Gold Coast (Dark Brotherhood) Max Health Max Stamina Eyes Of Mara 8 Magicka Recovery Max Magicka Spell Damage Reduce the Magicka cost of Restoration Staff abilities.Normal Mode Dungeons drop blue quality items.You can only be resistant to one element at a time.World Bosses have a 100 chance to drop a head, chest, legs or weapon slot item.This can occur once every 6 seconds.Hews Bane Max Health Magicka Regen Stamina Regen Kvatch Gladiator 5 Weapon Critical Weapon Critical Weapon Damage Your Light and Heavy Attacks deal addition damage to targets below 25 Health.Fire Skills, increase attunement slots dark souls fire Skills include all of the Sorceress Fire Tree, Amazon (Fire Arrow, Explosive Arrow, Immolation Arrow Paladin (Holy Fire Druid (Fire Claws, Firestorm, Molten Boulder, Fissure, Volcano, Armageddon and Assassin (Fists of Fire, Fire Blast, Wake of Fire, Wake of Inferno).From Conan Exiles Wiki, jump to: navigation, search, i have lain in your arms, panting with the violence of our love; you have held and crushed and conquered me, drawing my soul to your lips with the fierceness of your bruising kisses.Auridon Glenumbra Stonefalls Max Stamina Stamina Regen Weapon Critical Seducer 3 Magicka Recovery Max Magicka Magicka Recovery Cost of Magicka abilities is reduced.Many of these Bosses have a small chance to drop a uniquely-named item, instead of the expected set piece.Open Wounds, this is a chance of making a monster bleed uncontrollably.Trials Sets, these sets are only obtained as drops in Trials.
Eyevea Max Health Spectres Eye 8 Armor Max Magicka Max Health Gain Major Evasion which, grants 20 dodge chance, for 3 seconds after casting an ability which uses Magicka.

They lose health while bleeding.
All of these world sets are bind-on-equip and can be sold to other players.