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How do you get more weapon slots in mafia 3

how do you get more weapon slots in mafia 3

If so, youre in luck.
Youre able to carry a maximum of four weapons at a time, once youve unlocked the required perks.
For.99, youll get 1000 Platinum, which isnt enough to buy every weapon slot, but it is absolutely plenty.For.99, youll get 2100 Platinum, which is also plenty of Platinum to purchase every weapon slot you can.When you first start Warframe, youll begin with a small amount of Platinum.Every two weeks, though, the Void Trader will arrive and you can turn in prime parts for currency.These prime parts can be used to make weapons and warframes.Simply put, if youre in dire need of additional slots, you might be in dire need of Platinum.

You dont want to do this, but you do want other players in your world.There are a total of 900 koroks.To solve this problem, bust out the wallet and say goodbye to some hard-earned cash.Hestu in exchange for an extra slot in one of your inventory categories.You never have to do anything but complete story missions to unlock the slots.If you still have it youre in luck.For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to check out our Far Cry New Dawn wiki guide.You can unlock weapon slots in, far Cry New Dawn by spending perk points which are obtained as you complete missions and challenges in the game.Hestu finally makes it home and youll find him genio quiz poke jogar online in Korok Forrest for the rest of the game.Throughout Hyrule, there are creatures called koroks.If you see players doing this, that means theyre interested in obtaining the currency the Void Trader rewards those who give them prime parts.The first time you meet him, hell be along the road to the south of Kakariko Village.You can use the Keo Ruug shrine to get to him for quick expansions.You should be able to sell your common prime parts for about one Platinum each, and even more if the prime part is rare rather than common.The quickest and easiest way to acquire Platinum via trading will require you to complete defense and survival missions.
After six more upgrades, Hestu will move to his final location.